Manifesto for the North

The Manifesto for the North has been created by the NP11 and Convention of the North to set out a bold new vision for the North of England.

Born out of the Convention of the North with NP11 event in September 2019 – where hundreds of people of all ages from across the North came together to discuss and debate the key policy priorities that will enable a prosperous Northern economy – this document has been created by the North, for the North.

The Manifesto is focussed on five policy gamechangers:

  1. Local control of education and training, skills provision that is systematically connected to the North’s businesses and growth needs, creating opportunity for all our people.
  2. A commitment to rebalancing the economy as a formal HM Treasury objective, delivering transformational investment to power up the North, a formal commitment to rebalancing in the Green Book, and Office for Budget Responsibility measurement of progress towards this objective.
  3. A transport budget for the North, enabling full delivery of the Transport for the North plan and supporting the devolution of control and shared accountability for the region’s rail network.
  4. Ownership of, and freedom to lead, investment and trade activities to drive export led growth, with a greater scale of investment to level up the North’s export and inward investment activities.
  5. Backing the North to lead the green industrial revolution, harnessing and investing in its prime capability in renewable energy, decarbonising industry, retrofitting existing housing stock and building new homes to the highest standards.

Download the Manifesto