Every part of the North should be able to access a good quality employment opportunity within 45 minutes, as highlighted in our Manifesto for the North.

A66, Teesside
Doncaster Sheffield Airport control

Digital and Transport Infrastructure

To date, the NP11 has worked with local LEPs to deliver activity which included Prime Minister Boris Johnson publicly recognising the importance of Northern Powerhouse Rail (NPR). Integrated with NPR, which will free up much needed capacity within a system that is struggling to perform, Transport for the North describe HS2 as being transformational for the North. It will be a key piece of infrastructure, integral to the expansion of the existing rail network, regeneration of railway stations and their surrounding areas.

Freight demand is also growing, as Northern ports currently move 33% of the UK’s freight, and this is set to increase significantly by 2050. Exports could double, which would lead to increased demand to business passengers travelling to and from the North. The road network will continue to be important to our region, particularly in rural and remote areas, where cars and vans are often essential.

The NP11 are exploring plans for improving digital connectivity, including widening access to high-speed internet for all of the North’s homes and businesses, developing 5G, building on the North’s crucial strategic role in UK and European digital infrastructure, and growing the North’s international-class digital business assets.

Our Ambition

Our ambition is for people, information, goods and businesses to be connected seamlessly within the North, to other parts of the UK, and internationally in order to realise the North’s full potential.

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Doncaster Sheffield Airport control