Supply Chains

Building and strengthening the UK’s supply chains is a priority of the Government’s Industrial Strategy, and the North has an opportunity to develop its competitive advantage.

Freightliner locomotive
Antonov-225 at Doncaster Airport

Pan-Northern Economic Opportunity

Supply chains do not recognise administrative boundaries within and beyond the North. If the pan-Northern economic opportunity is to be realised, there is a need to ensure its supply chains are not bounded by those divisions to ensure we can exploit global opportunities, especially as Britain transitions towards leaving the European Union.

Our initial analysis has identified several common issues that cut across Northern localities, particularly in terms of the need to sustain sector-specific expertise, capacity, innovation, infrastructure, and skills; improve awareness of public procurement opportunities; and improve access to finance.

The NP11 is undertaking research to establish what activity is required to realise pan-Northern opportunities, including, by identifying common strengths and challenges across the North; working with Apex companies to understand their supply chains; and providing support to Northern SMEs to integrate into global supply chains.

Our Ambition

NP11 is developing a coordinated, collaborative approach to supply chains that combines place-based and sector-based approaches, supports the rest of the NP11 programme, and considers action-research models that are grounded in industry reality.

Nissan production line, Sunderland
Antonov-225 at Doncaster Airport